Memorable things

I love to store old things. In me it is probably genetic. This made me look like my beloved grandmother Tsia, who kept all the memorabilia. Concert tickets, greeting cards, dried flowers - I have everything in one big box and it is very easy for me to move in time, to remember all the moments and emotions. The birth of a child doubled this feature. I keep all his photos, videos, pictures, funny expressions. When Ilya the big boy grows up he will see all this and be happy. I do not know for whom I do more, for him or for me. I'm more sentimental and I'll probably look at Ilya's box more often :) I want to share my experience and give you the keys to the sites that help me implement my ideas. - This is my first and most actively used site. Through this site I have made not a single photo album, notebook and other photo-item. It is heartbreaking that online space and phones have replaced printed photos. No one prints anything anymore and so thousands of photos are lost if you do not have something special memory bought at Drofbox. If the photos are not lost, the best solution for this is a photo book, which I can do most comfortably on this site. Upload photos, choose layout and album size, beautiful and memorable gift ready. I make one book each year for Ilya's birthday where I print photos of the whole year with comments and interesting moments. I make travel albums separately. Albums require a lot of hard work. The hardest part is not collecting the photos, but the result is really good and I think it is the best gift. In addition to the photo album from this site you can subscribe to a notebook, which you can cover with your favorite photo. Inside you can manually record the child's funny sayings and words. I think in a few years there will be nothing handwritten that would make this item doubly valuable. In a similar notebook, for example, birthday guests may write congratulations and wishes for your child. We already have such a notebook. With Snapfish, you can manually create invitations. Too many designs on the site are free. I print the cards assembled in this way myself on a photo paper with a printer at home. Letters to my baby - This is another sentimental and favorite item that you can subscribe to from Amazon. Inside is an envelope and a letter sheet where you write the letter and write the date when the child should open the envelope. Imagine how enjoyable it would be to read this letter with your child in 20 years. ‘Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book’ is also on sale on Amazon. I like the idea very much - I write one sentence every day, and I complete this book in five years. Even the most standard commemorative item that a monk probably knows is a hand and foot print on clay that you can put in a beautiful frame with a baby photo. Special children's albums are sold in any bookstore, where you write everything about the child from his birthday. - I share this site with all my heart, because for a long time it was my secret site, from which I received many gifts. This site is good in that all the items are personalized so that you will have clothes, pictures, a thousand items in the room and a toy in your own name. In addition, many interesting and favorite things can be made with us in Georgia. For example, we have a beautiful wooden box with a wooden box at home, which we made in Tbilisi. I am always happy when I find something interesting made here in Georgia, which I definitely buy. Finally I left my favorite theme - a collection of kids drawings. I have been collecting paintings since the birth of Ilia, mainly by Georgian artists. The first picture in the collection belongs to my favorite artist, Nino Chakvetadze. We already have five of his drawings. Some are painted and presented especially for Ilia. This year, Nino Peradze's girls and boys and pictures of animals and toys from the dry bridge were added to the collection. Sometimes I draw and fill my collection with my unprofessional but heart-drawn drawings. I wrote it all down and realized that Ilia, like me, does not have a single box. It will probably take one room to store everything I collect for it. I will also keep a look at Steps ’numbers to know how many times his name has been mentioned in articles here.

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